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PDD Coach Certification for Non-Profit Leaders

Good advice, counseling, and preaching is good enough to save souls. However, after salvation, believers must repurpose their soul to reverse the effects of PDD because it increases the risk for making errors in purpose and compromising the narrative that promotes the highest growth potential. 

In a post COVID era, PDD remains a pandemic that is making it harder for believers to navigate church as usual. They need additional coaching to be discipled on how to: 

  • Improve their mental health so they can get more out of your messages
  • Remove the blinders from Paul's PDD warning in the book of Romans
  • Embrace the importance of building self-culture
  • Master what it means to be PDI Smart™
  • Identify the three pillars of the soul
  • Engage in Purpose Development™ to build immunity against PDD
  • Buy back their time from the forces of darkness
  • Score their growth potential
  • And so much more...

Becoming a Certified PDD Coach has never been an option because it is a necessary component for increasing the impact of the church in the world.  

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7 Modules

Message from Co-Founders

As pastors, researchers and co-founders of the Purpose Development Institute, we have a special message for pastors. We understand the grind of ministry and we also understand how Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD) makes the grind harder. 

This module sets the tone for making the biggest shift in your ministry. For the first time, you will see how to be more strategic in fighting against PDD by building the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Brand™, which is the future of discipleship.

Introduction to Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD)

Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD) has become a mental health crisis in the church. This module is designed to help you develop a working definition of PDD so you can understand your role in helping believers build the parameters to defeat PDD. 

Introduction to the Four Building Blocks of Self-Culture

It takes Bible smarts to get people saved. However, it takes PDI Smarts™ to help them to make decisions that reflect their salvation. This module lays the foundation for helping believers link Bible smarts to PDI Smarts™ so they can make wise use of their limited time on the earth and maximize their growth potential to make the world better off than it was before they arrived.  

Building Block Three

Building Block Four

Modules for this product 7
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