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Purpose Fit™ Assessment

Purpose Fit™ Assessment

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One of the most overlooked recruiting secrets among student athletes is taking control of their Performance Identity™.

Put your performance identity to the test like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kerri Walsh, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, and Serena Williams. See where your competitive strength rank on the Purpose Fit™ scale so you won't get caught sleeping on your Inner Game™.

Mini Course Benefits:

  • Take the guesswork out of identifying weaknesses in your competitive strength
  • Identify stress that undermines competitive strength from game situations, practice, academic achievement, and behavior modification
  • Complete your Purpose Fit™ Activation Plan to identify the steps for taking control over your performance
  • Take your performance to new levels by learning how to use the diet of a champion to feed your Appetite for Purpose™

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2 Modules

Getting Started

Completing the Purpose Fit™ Assessment will expose weaknesses in using your thoughts, speech, and actions to feed your Appetite for Purpose™. Your results will identify your risk level on using your Appetite for Purpose™ to drive competitive strength. 

Purpose - The Diet of Champions

Many student-athletes talk about elevating their game. Unfortunately, they have a high risk for being influenced by social media junk food. Instead of using their Inner Game™ to hack into the strength that comes from purpose, they try to compete without being Purpose Fit™.

Student-athletes fail to realize without being Purpose Fit™, they will have poor interactions with their surroundings. They must understand that purpose is the diet of champions and put a system in place to feed their Appetite for Purpose™. 

This module lays the foundation for improving your Purpose Fit™ score by ranking your Inner Game™. It will help you use the Purpose Fit™ Activation plan to see how feeding the Appetite for Purpose™ can help you create the diet of a champion. 


Lay the foundation for taking your performance to the next level by discovering how the PDI Smart™ Badge system is used to condition your thoughts, speech, and, actions to feed your Appetite for Purpose™.

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