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Earn Money as a Certified Youth Sports Consultant

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The youth sports industry is built on the competitive strength of athletes who have high aspirations for their playing career. Unfortunately, the sports ecosystem comes short in helping athletes profit from their competitive strength.

The USA Today reported that the youth sports industry is projected to become a $77.6 Billion industry by 2026. Parents and student athletes are the main investors in the youth sports ecosystem, but the next generation of athletes need help in navigating how to profit from their competitive strength beyond athletic skills.    

Certified Youth Sport Consultant

The competitive strength gold is bigger than athletic skills and the demand for Certified Youth Sport Consultants is greater now than ever. This is one of the most important roles in the youth sports ecosystem and earning your certification will help you transform your passion for sports into profits.

When you become a Certified Youth Sports Consultant (CYSC), it will equip you with skills on how to communicate one of the biggest competitive advantages in sports.

Discover how to: 

  • Build a bridge for the future of youth sports consulting so you can help the next generation of athletes build a better bridge for their future.
  • Partner with parents and student athletes to maximize their purchasing power in the sports ecosystem.
  • Become an authority in helping student athletes rank up from being an amateur to a pro in using their valuable asset.
  • Help others join the movement of bringing a reset to the youth sports ecosystem. 
  • And more... 

Watch this video to see why every student athlete need to be a part of our PDI Smart Coaching Community.

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6 Modules


Your training will help you recognize the Youth Sports Consultant as the most important role in the youth sports ecosystem.

Our exclusive Earn More by Becoming More System will:

  • Introduce the earning potential of a Youth Sports Consultant so you can maximize our Two Minute Presentation for profits
  • Introduce the PDI Smart Business model as a resource for helping you build a strong purpose on the frontend of your business, so you can experience a strong income on the backend
  • Lay the foundation for bringing a reset to the youth sports ecosystem

Affiliate Sign Up Video:

Please go to Module Six to watch the Affiliate Walk Through Video

Building the Purpose Development Bridge™

Empowering the next generation of athletes starts with building the Purpose Development Bridge™. This proprietary business building solution is designed to help you become more so you can sustain the conviction and motivation to take our mission to the world by:

  • Providing the yoke between what you do to build a successful consulting network and your highest growth potential
  • Helping you build a bridge to the future of Youth Sports Consulting so you can communicate to the next generation of athletes the importance of building a bridge to their future

Building Your List

After you master strategies for building a bridge to the future, you will be given the opportunity to build a list that will become your inventory to support your role as a Youth Sports Consultant. 

This exercise will prepare you to become a trusted resource for parents and student athletes by helping them:

  • Maximize their purchasing power
  • Transition from being customers in the youth sports ecosystem, to being shareholders who can profit from the youth sports ecosystem

Product Knowledge

The youth sports ecosystem comes short in helping parents and student athletes leverage the most important asset of athletes - the ability to transform. This module introduces the ability to transform as the most important asset in the youth sports ecosystem so you can: 

  • Acquire product knowledge to position yourself as an authority who can speak intelligently about making transformative decisions
  • Effectively communicate the importance of helping the next generation of athletes rank up from being amateurs to pros in making transformative decisions

PDI Smart™ Business Network

Empowering the next generation of athletes is not complete until you understand what it takes to build a healthy culture where others can join you in the mission. This module will help you:

  • Understand the PDI 357 QuickStart Plan to create a strategy for generating profits on all 10 levels of the compensation plan
  • Become an active participant in building a healthy culture for bringing a reset to the youth sport ecosystem

Affiliate Instructions

Affiliate sign up and navigation:

  1. If you have not signed up as an affiliate, watch this video for instructions on how to get started.
  2. If you are already an affiliate, watch this video for instructions on how to navigate your back office. 
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