Congrats to Anthony Bell for putting in the work to complete both the Growth Hacking Bootcamp and Crushing Average Parenting Course. 

The Inner Game™ Ranking System for Parents

Don't leave your child in the dark:

What you and your child don't know about ranking the Inner Game™ could jeopardize your child's future. Giving your child good advice is a noble deed, but it is not enough to defeat the Ruler of Average. 

We personified the unseen enemy that work to undermine your advice. Now you and your child can identify the unseen enemy that is responsible for the deceptions and cons that lead to average.

The harder you work to provide good advice, Deception-con works harder to:

  • Exploit weaknesses in the Inner Game™
  • Cause your child to underestimate the work required to crush average
  • Increase the risk for making errors in purpose
  • Chain your child to Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD) to delay the transformation needed for success

Our PDI Smart™ Platform is the master key for helping your child characterize his or her Inner Game™ to dismantle the formula for average.

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