Congrats to Anthony Bell for putting in the work to complete both the Growth Hacking Bootcamp and Crushing Average Parenting Course. 

Earning NIL Badges


ESPN is one of the most recognizable names in sports when it comes to ranking teams and athletes. Their rankings are based on the competitive strength of teams and athletes, but ranking the Inner Game is a major contributor to competitive strength. 

Ranking competitive strength is what players and coaches do to optimize athletic skills, but ranking the Inner Game is what players do to make smart decisions for Crushing Average™. It is the key to regaining control over your Performance Identity™ to be an impact player between and outside the lines.

PDI Smart™ Purpose:

The purpose of NIL Badges is to show coaches that you have put in the work to transform your Inner Game™ into a strategy for being an impact player. 

What you get out of earning NIL Badges

Earning NIL badges considers the reality that an education without transformation does nothing to help you crush average.

  • Discover what you have in common with the iconic Optimus Prime to prepare for the most important transformation in your life 
  • Master skills to defeat the Ruler of Average who uses distractions to deceive and con you to remain chained to average.


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4 Modules

Inner Game™ 101

Read before you start:

The first step to ranking your Inner Game™ is to develop a working knowledge of the Inner Game™.

This module is designed to:

  • Introduce you to the NIL Ruling to help you understand the shift in athletic excellence
  • Provide a working knowledge on how the Inner Game™ ranking system works
  • Help you define the Inner Game™ to be more strategic in making the transition from ordinary to extraordinary

Building a Bridge for the Future

Your future as a student athlete is heavily dependent on how well you remain on the Purpose Development Bridge™. Many student athletes confine competitive strength to athletic skills, but the Purpose Development Bridge™ will help you discover competitive strength beyond athletic skills.

The competitive strength from the bridge will also help you sustain your competitiveness in your career pursuits by providing:

  • An introduction to the Purpose Development Bridge™
  • A detailed breakdown of the pillars that support the bridge
  • Insight on how to recognize the enemy behind PDD so you can build a stronger case for success
  • A strategic plan on bringing your Inner Game™ to life between and outside the lines of athletics

Your Biggest Transformation

Your biggest asset is not your athletic skills but your ability to transform from an ordinary student athlete to an extraordinary student athlete. 

This module explores:

  • What you have in common with the iconic transformer Optimus Prime
  • The importance of building Intuitive Value™ to undergo your biggest transformation 

Inner Game™ Red Zone

The first three modules prepared you to build a greater respect for your Inner Game so you can go face-to-face with Deception-con. However, your Inner Game™ story is not complete without creating an awareness for the Inner Game Red Zone.

Module Four will help you complete your Inner Game worksheet mentioned in Part 1 of the Characterizing your Inner Game lesson and identify the deceptions and cons for each smart badge.

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